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Hi there, long time no see! :)

This will be part life update/part advertising, so you've been warned!

It's been 7 months since I last uploaded some art here, and also the other kind of activities have been very few. It's been a combination of work, my pc not working, and studying to "win" the contract at the university.
But now I've fixed my computer, I've won the job (yeah!) and I'm free until they make me sign the contract (and well, even when I sign, there will be less stress).
So... I hope this time I'm back for good!

But I'm still being very lazy, so I thought I could need some help in motivation :)

And my solution is this.
The group :iconcontest-office: is hosting a "Partecipate in Contest Contest", where you can win as long as you join many contests around Deviantart! And I thought that joining could be a nice idea to have that kickstart to draw again. Here is the contest journal: P.I.C.- Contest the 15th! (500 points prize)

Please cheer for me, because it's very difficult to make the voice that is telling me "you're too old for this kind of things" shut up. I do feel pretty old joining contests of people who are like, 10 years younger than me (and who maybe draw a lot better), but doing it just for the sake of practice is a fine thing, right? right???

What I wanted to say is, if you see a bunch of character art coming up from me, you know where it's coming from, so just ignore it if you don't care. I'll be back with the usual paintings soon!
If you care... nothing stops you from joining the contests too! :D

I'll put here some interesting contests I'm hoping to join this month (to be updated):

Hello! This is the official HWC contest! c: Heal With Colors is a charity art book project supporting Heal The World foundation. Basically, somebody gathers artists together and they all make a drawing following a theme and guidelines. They put all the drawings together to make a book, then the book is sold to make funds. All the funds that were collected from selling the book will be donated to the charity that is targeted.
Theme: Music!
:bulletpink:I suggest including music notes, instruments, and anything music related into the drawing!
:bulletpink: 2550 x 3300 AT 300 DPI (8.5"x11")
:bulletpink:At least ONE character should be incorporated into your drawing! (EDIT: Sorry for not making this clear, any character! Your OC, a TV show character, or a made up character on the spot)
Drawing Contest : Red Riding Hood (CLOSED)

This contest is for drawing (both traditional and digital) and 3D art.
For photomanipulation, please go to Red Riding Hood Manip Contest
Hello everybody! :wave:
 I'm hosting Red Riding Hood contest at the moment. It is for photomanipulation.
And I think it would be cool if I can give chance to drawing artists too though I gotta spend more :points:
So, I decide to host another Red Riding Hood Contest for drawing artists in this journal.

Welcome to

Oc Contest - $150+ in prizes! JUDGING BUT... EDIT: New *Hey everyone! The contest is ended, BUT I will be needing some time to choose the winners because I didn't expect these many beautiful entries ;u;
For those who haven't finished, you have till the 11th of May before I will not even consider it for the contest ;u; those who are late (before 11th) will be accepted but may have a lower chance of winning, depending on circumstance
Winners will be announced on the 15th!
and a vote for audience favourite (that didn't win) will get $10 as a runner up will be done the night of announced winners!
 Hi everyone. some people have come to me wanting some extra time.... And the contest will most likely be ending on the night of May 8th!
The reason for this is that I will not be home tomorrow as I am cheering for my friends' dance group ;u;
so sorry to those who did actually finish on time as well ;o;
There are the results !
Before I give you the winners' names, I want to tell thanks to all participants: it was difficult to choose with so many good entries! I also want to tell you that art quality was not the sole criterion, very like I said it in the rules.
A last thing, every entry was graded under 15 points by each judge, so the rating is about 45 points.
So, there are the winners !
1ST - :iconminhquach94: with 45/45 - perfect rating. What else ?
2ND - :iconohchiri: with 42/45 - a nice work to create a character that fit with the universe!
3RD - :icontremblax: with 42/45 - a mastered beautiful and bucolic scenery!
Congrats to them! Please, contact me by note for you prices :)
Now the other entries of the top 10! The gap with the winners is tiny, you can believe me!
4TH - :icony-gabyt: with 40/45
5TH - :iconkai-ji: with 39/45
6TH - :ico
  Design a Character Contest! (EXTENDED DEADLINE)EDIT// I'm giving everyone a few days to get their entries in! I know a few people are mid-way through entries, so i won't judge until everyone is done!
Thanks for understanding! Gosh i can't wait to start judging this contest, its going to be really tough!

So my last contest was pretty successful i think! I had quite a few entries and you guys did awesome! Considering the prizes were pretty small (compared to some other contests) i was surprised to see everyone joining in. (Also I've met some really nice people and great artists through it!) 
Basically what i'm trying to say is, i'm holding another competition!
This time the prizes are going to be bigger and better and the deadline is going to be much longer!
Here's the deal:
I'm currently working on a manga set in an 80's future. In space. 
If it sounds ridiculous that's because it is, i want to pack it with as many 80's movie cliches as possible and make it super exaggerated! My problem is that although i lo
  OC Contest! 1st=2000pts + Art! Any media allowed!Edit 5/2: Deadline: 1st Day of June (First and final extension)
Do your best! The 1st place prize pool is the biggest for a reason!
Edit: 4/13-5/2: Added 4 new judges to the contest. (5 including me)
we'll be voting at June 2nd and Winners will be announced on June 3rd.
Will be adding 4th and 5th place soon!
Plus adding more references
Looking for donors! Please note me on this one!
I've been reluctant on whether or not host a contest but here we are now! The majority of people who answered the poll said yes! Plus 300+ watchers~ thank you! I really planned all this one out!
Make a journal about the contest! Or tag a few people out! It's not a requirement, I don't want to force you to do it,Draw or make a story or anything on one or more of my OCs! As long as it is is creative, we're good to go.Please mention me on the media you created, plus put a link on the entry with this journal entry, I won't back down on this one, because I may mis
  [CLOSED] draw my ocs!! [1month core for top 3]
ends on april 30th [11:59pm PST]
[this journal will be edited and updated constantly]
synopsis: you draw my complicated charas and you might win a prize. joining requires you post your promotion journal in the comments. more info below.
prizes, because thats really all you're here for
i had a poll for this and majority of you have the competitiveness of a noodle of spaghetti :')
i might up the prizes a bit, but no promises.
first place
1 month dA core membership (or 400 points)a halfbody w/no restrictions regarding complicated charas and whatever by che-rrry 

an experimental pixel thing [no specified size or anything, probably just a headshot tho] by che-rrry a headshot from @heebhighlightera headshot from Jayda-Nyan 

second place
1 month dA core membership (or 400 points)a double headshot w/the same lack of requirements by che-rrry 

and you'll also find a dedicated gallery in my favourites!

See you soon!

Hey there!
As stated in the last journal, I'm back to wish you a Happy New Year!
Hopefully much better than the previous one!
It's not new year here, but still I know some of you are already celebrating, and I won't have time tomorrow, so here we are :D

And also, this is the continuation of last time's feature, with the best works from 2016 from all of you that have supported me the longest!
I hope I can give back something to you this way, so that we'll all have a best start from new year.
As always, it has been a fun trip trough your galleries: some improved a lot, some tried new things, and I've managed to raise a good collection this year too!
Even if some of you have been idle this year or stopped drawing or writing at all, I hope you found something that made you happy :hug:

And now, on with the artworks!

Hello autumn! by lauramissaoki
Red Wheelbarrow by Yiamme Japan flat site by annwayne
The orchid she wears by Nuboru
cm: Lasair by ClarissaStudios Egyptian Gypsy (2014) by Omniseriu
Raining In Color by Kanade-ChizuruMajestic Lion - Enhanced by Janelle-Dimmett I can see trough you, you can see trough me by Borianna
Sunrise Service by Seriridescence
Cubed by VincentXVI trust in your Instincts by KisekiGeijutsu
Space by TheTooginator
Untitled by JamesDarrow Radioactive Rudolph by losthormes
Blue Box by CameronKobe
Rooftop time by Cigare-volant Mermaid Again by Psycadela
The friend by petajamaja The Burdens We Bear (Read description)“Hey. You’ve been sitting out here for almost thirty-six hours now...” Crys called as she approached Annie, lingering a few steps behind her. “You want to talk?”
Annie remained silent for a very long moment. Only when she noticed Crys was about to leave, she finally spoke up. “It doesn’t matter, does it? We’re not going to stop this in time.”
Crys heaved a lengthy sigh and walked closer, standing beside Annie for a few seconds before sitting down on the grass next to the girl, her fingers reaching out to touch the letters engraved on the white tombstone. “Sitting here, being angry with her, it’s not going to help matters much.”
“No, but I tried everything else, so why not?” Annie muttered.
Crys snorted a chuckle.
“I just don’t understand, if whatever is in that journal was so important, why couldn’t she just tell me? Why couldn’t she just talk to me? I was right there.”
jack with background by osha0soul
Commission - Beautiful dog by AnastasiyaKosenko
Beauty of man by PukingrainbowsArtsNew ID by Shi-NyannTomatoes by Toadinthegarden
Animal Crackers by ArrivederciCaponi rainbow stock by allecca
blossom by SheenMagic
Skadi by Shirin4585 A Light Goes Dim by Sketchman147
test by lemonless

I hope you enjoyed!
(As usual, there's no real order here, just did more or less a composition of works, hoping they stay well next to each other.
If you got forgotten, please let me know, maybe I deleted a tab in my browser for accident. It's really difficult to do these surprise features because I can't fave prior to them and it's difficult to pick everything this way.)

Again, Happy New Year 2017!

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Hello to everyone!
I wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas! :santa:
And I also wanted to thank you for sticking with me (or starting to watch me!) this last year, even if it has been the least productive one for me. Motivation has been a bit of a rollercoaster this year, but I hope the new year will bring a bit of that (and inspiration) to all of us :D
So, is there a better thing as both a thank you and inspiration source than another feature of your works? :)

Since the number has increased, but not so much to prevent me from checking all your galleries and choosing the most awesome works, I will divide this feature into different parts. This first one will include 2016 works from all the new watchers of 2016, and the next one from the dear "old" ones XD
Here we go!

Dperture by azumakiharu
Gather the Stars by UxieWriter Signs of spring by protestant90
Winter Cherry by Rick-TinyWorlds
Fiery sunset by Genyes Nice night for an ambush by akitku
Breathe - Lettering by ItsTheSofi Vantage point 1 by MangekkoJones
Inktober 2016 Day 1 by irezel Cordil by aloumhu
It was worth it by lovemelikeatomato
Black dress by TerrelSmith Black Rock Shooter by Slivax
Colorful frost by Kassih Tzuyu done, Jungkook next! || Tzukook incoming by RaraLiMin
You cant hide from you shadows by ohlapislazuli Ocean by LittleAmeba

Ponyo by rawrdoodles
Articuno Mystic by monsieurpigeon Floating Castle (With speed draw) by Ace1999

(obviously there's no real order here, I just tried to fit images with each other!)
That's all for now! Congrats you all for your lovely works, and again, Merry Christmas!

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Hey there!
I got tagged for the first time on one of these journal tags by :iconmonsieurpigeon:, so I guess I you'll have a bit of fun with silly facts about me! :D

1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag
4. Choose 10 people and get their icon in your journal
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
6. No tag-backs
7. You can't say that you don't do tags!
(Note-by-lu: Well, I'm not so strict about silly things, if you don't want to or don't have time, just don't! Or write your answers in the comments :))

10 facts about me:

1. I'm a graphic designer that uses a pc, but I'm getting used to the mac of the office I work in
2. But I absolutely hate apple's magic mouse. It has a mind of his own.
3. I love swimming
4. I tend to be shy but I'd always want to be at the center of attention
5. I don't have fast reflexes
6. I'd like to work abroad for some time
7. I keep a tab with all my expenses and incomes of the month, but I don't calculate them at the end!
8. I like cycling a lot better than walking (or running)
9. Food is one of my favourite hobbies
10. I'm so happy that I almost cleared my email queue in the last weeks, I feel so free!

questions I got:

1. Feels or Logic?
I listen to the logic but I act on the feels!

2. If the you from 10 years ago saw you now, how do you think they would feel? Happy, relieved, surprised, meh?
"Meh" would be the right word.

3. A wild Magikarp flops on your bed outta nowhere. What do you do?
Poor thing! Why does everyone hate him? I'll put him in the tub for the time being...

4. Three hours later, a wild Gyarados charges into your room, enraged at what you have done to its bebe. What do you do?
Heeeh? What did I do? I did nothing bad! He's there! It's not my fault that he ate that soap bar!

5. If you crossbreed a cactus with a chair, what colour of underwear do you get?
Green wood texture, obviously.

6. Bonjour, monsieur. Es-tu une omelette?
Non. Or I would be a cannibal.

7. 我愛你
<3 <3 <3
(thank you, google translate!)

8. A goose is to pancake as a Weedle is to...?
Milk chocolate truffles

9. Quick! Think of a spell!
Expecto patronum!

10. The spell you have now chosen determines the rest of your life. How is it lookin'?
Oh, so a sparkling silver animal is going to follow me and protect me from now on? Not bad :)

Questions for who wants to answer!

1. How much time has passed since you last used a pencil?
2. What's the best thing you ever ate when abroad?
3. Choose a book that later became a movie (or the opposite). Which was better?
4. "If you were to go on a vacation, where would you like to go?"
5. Nonone is going to understand that last one, so would you mind explaining it to them?
6. For notebooks, squares, lines or whole white?
7. "Tiger, tiger, burning bright..."
8. What would you bring: owl, cat or frog?
9. And what's his/her name?
10. I'm sick of quoting things, now get me a quote which you think I won't understand!

Wow, this was random - and difficult. I appreciate people who makes tags a lot more now!
So, I'll tag a few people. You don't have to do this, but if you want to, I can't stop you! :)
:iconnuboru: :iconaloumhu: :iconsketchman147: :iconmiharu-panic: :iconraralimin: :iconborianna: :iconidachow: :iconomniseriu: :iconallecca: :icongoddessinprogress:

Anyway, expect some more serious journal from me in the near future. And hopefully some new art!
Have a nice day! :D

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I'd like to list a couple other artbook possibilities out there, that could be interesting to join or purchase!

First is a contest which has a very close deadline, but maybe if you have a free day or two you might still be able to enter (I honestly don't know if I'll make it in time but oh well :))!
is an artbook with a very interesting theme: exploration and discoveries! Be sure to check it out.

The second is more in an "open for applications" stage:
:iconhealwithcolors-ab: is an artbook supporting Heal The World charity. They're currently selecting the artists, so if you want to join you should hurry before all the spots are taken!

See you soon for a "life and works" update soon anyway! ^^
Have a nice day,



Long time no see, everyone!
I can't believe I wrote the last journal in december, time sure has flown!
I apologize again for bein unresponsive these last months, I've been drowned in jobs and I'm slowly getting back to the surface :)

I wanted to promote a couple of artbook contests I hopefully may be able to join:

First is
an artbook about Happy endings...
unfortunately the contest ends in just 2 days, but I'll do my best!

Second is 
an artbook about daydreaming! (something I'm very good at XD)
The theme of the contest is "gratefulness" and it ends in september.

I can't wait to get back to drawing. I've been doing too much work lately and I need a bit of time away from the pc :) So I hope you'll see a bit more of me in the near future!

Hi there! 
As always, I really wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas!
I really treasure all of the people that decided to watch me for whatever reason,
whether they give feedback, fave, or write of all things!
So I want to thank you immensely for giving a chance to my drawings!

I wanted to repeat the thing I did last year, with a big watcher feature! I initially thought that I would do it just for the people who joined this year, linking back to the other journal for the older ones. But then I observed that those who were still active have made a huge step forward with their art this year, so again, you're all featured here! Clap 
(well, at least those who had some new works from this year. And for old ones I only selected works from 2015).
But that's enough blabbling, here are your wonderful works!
(best in fullview, and there's a couple of cool animated images this year so visit their pages too!)

Illumination by SeriridescenceFoxing by ArrivederciCaponi The Princess of China (re-upload) by Kanade-Chizuru Autumn in Finland by petajamajaQuitet sunset by losthormes Jellyfish by Toadinthegarden
  InkTober #20 - Venera 9 on Venus by TheTooginator The Gear of Enigma (2015) by Omniseriu
Dressmaker's workplace by AnastasiyaKosenko 
Marguerite by Psycadela
Stasya by CameronKobe Into Infinity And Beyond by Sketchman147
 Megaphone by air-nya Supergirl by osha0soul Alice Fairy by MermaidMichelle  CinnamonJacob had a very restless sleep in all his excitement. Getting the boy to stop jumping up and down in his bed and finally get to sleep the night before his birthday was always a struggle for his older sister and he would wake up early every year, before the sun was even out. But Jake wouldn’t leave his bed, or even open his eyes, until the sweet smell of cookies completely filled the small house. It was a constant in the boy’s life for as long as he could remember; on his birthday he would wake up and the air in the house would be warm and smell of cinnamon from his favorite cookies.
Jumping out of bed the boy ran barefoot out of the room, holding on to the plush dragon that was his bedtime pal, and announcing himself with high pitched calls for his sister as he dashed to the kitchen. “Jess… Jess… Jeeess… It’s my birthday today!!!”
“Is it, now?” The girl replied barely containing her chuckles as she faked surprise at the
Zooey Deschanel by annwayne MET GALA 2015 by Miharu-Panic
cm: Eleanor by ClarissaStudios Raven by iamversatility
 All That I Have by Borianna

Boise by JamesDarrow
Febuary: Jellyfishroom by Shirin4585 Bali Mynah by SheenMagicCommisson : The wedding by PukingrainbowsArts
Kitchen repaint by VincentXVI The super diner by Cigare-volant
Mage siblings by Nuboru Homura by Yiamme
cloud 113 by allecca THE CUTEST WITCH by Xx-Iona-Star-xX 
Thief by KisekiGeijutsu
street (colored) by lemonless Paris by delta-ex
Merry Christmas! by lauramissaoki
Bonds of hope by Milyusia Shiro - Midnight by Shi-Nyann
Deap sea by Zoey15love Dorothy by Janelle-Dimmett
(just to be clear, there's no particular order or meaning in dimensions, I just tried to make it armonic without going crazy. Pasting the links on a separate sheet for a better surprise effect made the construction of this journal very long. If by chance someone got forgotten, please tell me!)
So, congrats on your works, you all! They're wonderful and when I get the time I will go back and fave my faves XD

Merry christmas and Happy New Year!


Hi everyone, how are you!
I hope you're enjoying the last days of the year and the festive atmosphere!
I've been so busy with my internship (I'm doing a lot of design work, and I'm pretty satisfied), and I have to finish (or to start would be a better word) the video for the course I followed the last months by the end of the year. Will I make it in time? Who knows XD

However, with this journal, I wanted to give you some news from the artbook realm.

The A Day artbook is holding a contest for a place in the artbook! It's a Charity artbook, and the profits will go to Make a wish. It has a nice concept: the dreams we have for the future, organized in the span of a day (so each artwork will be placed in a peculiar moment of the day). I'm looking forward to join it! A Day Artbook Contest [OPEN]

The Dream in Color artbook is doing a free giveaway! (It's also still available for purchase). Just a look at some of the illustrations makes you want it so much, there's an assembly of really really good artists in there!
Here's the journal: [Dream in Color] ARTBOOK GIVEAWAY!!!

Also, the Rewritten artbook (the one filled with Alice in Wonderland related art, and that since I was so busy I could enter neither of the two contests they held [so sad]) is available for preorder! Rewritten Preorders Now Open!!

And I just received a journal saying that the Pathways artbook (the one I submitted an entry, but didn't make it XD) is now available for only 10$! There's a lot of great art in there for such a small price... Super Christmas Sale! Get up to 30% off!!

I also read that the artbook where I managed to get one of my illustrations in, the Places artbook, is about to be shipped out! I'm waiting for my copy!!!

And that's all, short journal this time, for my standards ^^
The next one will be filled with much more stuff! (eheh)

Have a nice Christmas-shopping-week! XD

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So yeah, I'm back here! :D

A few personal notes to start!
If you remember my last journal, you'll know that I started a new course and internship this year! It's been pretty nice so far, and I was pretty lucky in comparison to my fellows as to the internship... I've been working for a week and a half in a travel agency, but one with nice design projects to work on (I made a little travel zine in only one week, and some brochures). And now I'm back at the course for the storytelling and video-making part. I'm attending only at morning so I'll have more time this month than when I was in the internship.

I also went to the Expo 2015 in Milan this saturday... There was a lot of people so I wasn't able to see everything (but that would be impossible even if I had been there 3 days instead of 10 hours), but I was really looking forward to see it and I've been mostly happy with the result. So I wanted to ask you, would you like a journal with my impression/some photos like I did with the fair in Bologna a year and half ago? (it's been so long!)
Let me know! If I receive even only one request, I'll do it XD

I've also tried to join Inktober this year! But since I was so busy until the other day I was only able to do it like, 4 days :P. I'll try and be more constant now :) If you want to join it late like me, I found this nice list of prompts:…
And I promise my few inktober sketches are on their way here ^^

So, actually, with this journal I wanted to share some cool projects and contests that might be interesting for you all! (I hope)

I mentioned this group in a old journal, but since it's holding a new contest, if you are a Alice in Wonderland fan, you may want to enter Rewritten-Artbook's contest for a chance to be featured in the artbook: Rewritten Contest 2 [OPEN]

artnouveau is also holding a contest with the theme "Zodiac". Of course the entries should be done in art nouveau style! 2015 Contest: Zodiac

:devinkandwatercolour: is a nice group where both ink and watercolour works are accepted (just to stay in the Inktober feeling XD) and is looking for a new icon! Contest Announcement! Design a New Icon!

For people who wants to have fun with anime girls and their stereotypes, you might find this project interesting: Dere+Project Mega Contest!

And there's a chance also to win a copy of the Pathways Artbook here: Pathways Artbook Special GIVEAWAY [OPEN!] Or if you're interested into buying it, here:
I wasn't able to be selected for it, but it's still a very nice artbook! You should check it out! ^^

I hope I covered everything I wanted to :)
And thank you for reading this far! 
Have a very nice week,

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Hi everyone!

I'm super-late with this, but I wanted to update you with something new, that may or may not influence my productivity in terms of illustrations and things I do on dA. Or maybe influence it positively! ^^

Making it short, as most of you know if you read my journals, I graduated from university in april, and then started a long summer of job hunting, and well, nothingness :P For the reason that, when you have almost nothing to do, you don't even do the little things. I've been feeling useless and apathic, not in a depressing sense, but you know, days just passed and I was left asking: "What did I do good today?" and the answer was "Nothing". Not a great thing, huh?
Added to the fact that I kept sending cvs and I only had one job interview, which went very badly (the lady started asking very personal things and I was really disturbed by that, and on top of that she seemed totally anaware of how design projects are done or what teamwork is, really, I've had interviews before and they were never so absurd).

So, in the end, I was selected for a short course with "attached" internship, that had to start at the end of July, but they finally postponed it to the end of august. Strangely, everything was set in motion at that point.
Since I had some more time for vacation, I went to Croatia with my friends the week before. I brought my sketchbook with me, but I had so much fun I didn't touch it XD But I also went to a little drawing event about insects the week-end after coming back and just before starting the course.
I've been following this course for 2 weeks now, and it's not so bad, we're just 10 "students", and the course is mostly about storytelling, with a focus on management, social media, and most of all creative writing and animation. So I'll finally learn how to use after effects! :D 
The thing is that we don't know where the internship will be yet. I hope it's a good design studio, or at least somewhere where I can learn something ^^

Somehow, now that I'm more busy, I've been working a lot more: I've done some design contest, I've finally reordered my e-mails (and devwatch, it was so full of things I was afraid of it), and I've all intentions of start working on my blog idea (it's something related to my thesis), and I still want to define my drawing skills, since I think that storytelling is an ability mostly useful for making illustrations alive and meaningful (even if it's very different from what they've been teaching us, I'll try to translate the things I learn into my specific field, because I'm not a marketing or social media specialist XD).
That's why I said I'm probably going to be more active now ^^ I've lots of things on my mind but if I organize them it should work :)

It's really refreshing to start something anew, even when you don't know where you're going... Isn't it?
And you? What have you been doing this summer? Is something new starting for you too, this autumn (beside school, obviously ^^)?
I hope you all had a great summer (or winter if you're on the other side of the world)! 

See you soon, if you survived to this long journal! :D 
Thanks for reading, and have a nice time,

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I've seen a lot of my people do this in my inbox already, and it's fun to read them, so, I guess I'll join everybody for deviantart's birthday! ^^

How long have you been on DeviantArt?
3 exact years yesterday 

What does your username mean?
My name is Luisa, so I have many friends who call me Lu. 24 is the birthday date of both me and my brother.
When I joined deviantart, I wanted to call myself lu_24 like on other sites, but unfortunately deviantart doesn't allow underscores in usernames. The username with single dash was alreay taken, so I went for a double-dash.

Describe yourself in three words.
This looks like a job interview question ^^. I'll try to be honest though...
Joyful, lazy, dreamer

Are you left or right handed?

What was your first deviation?
21.06.2012 -- Day 01 by lu--24

What is your favourite type of art to create?
Watercolour fashion illustrations

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
I'd like to be able to make comics out of nothing. And landscape digital art...

What was your first favourite?
Piper's Pet PREVIEW by nicholaskole
What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Watercolour illustrations. And illustrations with good storytelling abilities in general.

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
This is difficult because I have a lot. But when I get asked this, the first who comes to mind is PascalCampion, his works are really simple but they have an amazing storytelling ability and they can convey the warmest feelings.

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Too many to name them, but both the great artists and the lovely people who whatch me, just to thank them for their support with hugs and cookies!

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Uhm, they impact my life all the times I look at their artworks and they motivate me to do better. It's like those artworks say "see? If you work hard, you may be able to make this!"

What are your preferred tools to create art?
My watercolours! But I really want to buy a tablet. I think I'd be twice as productive, and the ability to use ctrl+z...

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
Uhm, the upstairs kitchen of my home (which has never been used as a kitchen).

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
When I received my first comment? Or when I won my first contest? Or the first unexpected feature? I don't know. Everyday there's some nice new thing. Even if it's just a llama in my inbox ^^


P.S. I'll be soon back with a journal, and hopefully new art! I know I've been inexistent this summer, but I'm trying to beat my lazyness and be back as an active person on all fronts! :D

Hi there!

It's been a very strange month for me... I don't have to study or write anymore, but I'm in search for a job, while fixing my portfolio and adding new things and thinking about creating a decent blog, I started going to gym (why... why?) and yes, finally I started drawing again!
And just so you know, this is an advertising/update journal XD

So, lately I've been working on an entry for the Places Artbook contest, which closes this sunday. It's finished and scanned, so I just need to fix the scan and I'll put it up later today, or tomorrow. The theme is very nice, since it's about places in the world that inspire you, and so it leaves much space for landscapes ^^

After that, I'm thinking about trying to enter another artbook contest :D It's for the Rewritten Artbook, an artbook about reinterpretetions of Carrol's Alice in Wonderland. Since they extended their deadline to june 17th, I thought it was a nice theme to work on! Check out the group if you'd like to join!

There are other contest I'm considering, but It'll probably become too boring if I put all of them in one journal (unless you want me to make journals with a selection of interesting contests... would anyone be interested in that? I usually search for them, so it would take no effort...)

By the way, last notice concerning artbooks is that I recently received my copy of The princess project artbook, the one I designed the cover for! Here are a few photos (even if the nice golden ink they used isn't visible through photos...)

Sdc10080 by lu--24 Sdc10084 by lu--24

I put in also a copy of my thesis (so it's a collection of my cover designs here :3 )... and since I finally put it on behance, you can see it here!…

I've also started drawing things taking inspiration from the book about drawing in the sea I talked about some months ago... So soon you'll see some of that too! Fishes, boats and seascapes... getting ready for summer!

So, see you soon!!!

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Long time no see, everyone! :D

Yes, after months of just idling logging in, I'm finally doing something (even if it's just writing, it's still something, eheh ^^)! And you know what that means? It means that I'm finally free from my thesis, because I finally got my master's degree in Design - visual communications and multimedia (as it's called).

It has been the fullest 3 months of my life, always reading, writing, photographing (and photoshopping a lot more), and paginating and everything, but I'm really proud of the huge book that came out of it (really, I'll link to my behance when I post the project, the result scares me... ) so it was definitely worth it. My supervisor actually wants me to give a lecture in her class about my thesis at the end of the month... I don't know if I'll actually be doing it (because I somewhat expect it to be delayed because the rest of the program has a priority, and because usually there's always something that delays the actual program) but I feel flattered for just the fact that she asked! ^^

Now, I'm as free as I can be, but I have to settle some little things I've left within these 3 months (mountains of e-mail newsletters, portfolios, dA messages, the mess I've created at home, copies of the thesis to deliver to libraries...) and well, find a real job :P
But in the meantime I really, really want to get back to drawing as soon as possible! I don't know if I'll start with something random, with the book I mentioned some journals ago, or with a new super-cute book that was gifted to me for the graduation (see! Isn't it lovely?… I got the italian version though...) or with some contest, but I need to! I'm really missing holding a pencil to do something other than writing lists of "what I'm doing today from 11:00 to 12:00, from 13:00 to 14:00... OMG I'm never going to send this to print in time!" (yes, I'm a bit crazy with time management when I have something important up, and even when I don't ^^)

So, well, see you soon with some new illustration!
And a Happy belated Easter to everyone!


P.S. Somehow, they chose a comment I wrote in a forum thread months ago for a journal about art features... I discovered today... :blushes: The journal is really interesting though, and gives some names of interesting art features to follow, so, if you want, you can have a read here
  #Fella - About: Art FeaturesArt features are a wonderful way to share art with others and support other artists. They can range from thank-you features to themed or gallery specific features, and there's quite a few feature series out there as well.
This article is all about art features, including a few tips on art feature making, thoughts on art features by fellow deviants, and some art feature series you might be interested in following.
A fun way to do art features is by choosing a certain theme for your feature, like sci-fi art, or birds for example. And if you end up constantly finding art you want to feature, why not consider making a series out of it?Don't overdo it with the amount of works you feature. If your feature is too long viewers might feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of thumbnails and having to scroll down endlessly. As a result, individual pieces of art won't get that much attention anymore. Some computers might also have trouble with loading a feature
Hi everyone!

I really wanted to wish all of you Merry Christmas,
with a great thank you to everyone who decided to watch me in these few years,
I'm really thankful for every attention you give to my little works!

So I wanted to leave you with a little gift this year, taking inpiration from what the lovely :iconpetitebubu: last year, because I thought it was a really great idea to say thanks ^^
Practically, this journal is a huge feature consisting of works from all of your galleries!
Please enjoy!
(best at fullview)

Prologue by Copiic-21
Vulpes by idachow  Brrr! [[commission for vividgrim]] by GoddessInProgress
Fireworks by Pentom  Cara Delevingne. by MugwumpDraconis   LBG - Evelyn by RAIKULUNA   watermelon by pandachooo
Slipping Through My Fingers by delta-ex   
Bioluminescence by KisekiGeijutsu
FA - Kuriyama Mirai by Shi-Nyann       of Devil n' feather by A--R--O
mist and pier by Nehirrr Kurage by JamesDarrow
[ BURUMI ADOPT] Begonia - OTA [OPEN] by MIURIN   Mini jungel by Zoey15love
Cake Slice by Janelle-Dimmett
superstar chef cat by Goobins007
Little squirrels by lauramissaoki
Swimming with dolphins by PukingrainbowsArts     Winter by Milyusia
i see the light by Icy-Web    Ghagra Design1 by SheenMagic     Isabelchan by Shirin4585
Her Story by Yiamme
Randomz 6 by Cigare-volant   green pattern by allecca
blue by lemonless

I hope I didn't forget anyone (I left out only people who aren't artists but enjoy staying on this site anyway :) (Smile))
And no particular order, really, just what I felt like would stand good together!

Again, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015!

See you soon,

Hi everyone...

After my pause, I'm back here on deviantart because... well, because I figured out I couldn't actually end my thesis in time for the day of delivery (that was yesterday, by the way ^^). The only comforting thing about that is that no one else from my year managed to make it in december, so at least it's not like I'm the worst out there :)
Now I'm going for april! And this time there are no excuses... After all I've more or less collected all of my research, so I can start writing once all the people I'm contacting will get back to me.

By the way, if I manage my time correctly, I should have time now to draw a bit (because seriously, I've forgotten how to hold a pencil in this month ^^) so that I can get better (and have a better portfolio and new skills) for when I'll be looking for a job.

I have gotten an illustrated book called "Disegnare in fondo al mare" (Drawing in the sea, but I have the italian version) by Harriet Russel from a friend who had an internship at its publisher a month ago. It's an illustration book for children, but it's more similar to those books from Keri Smith (maybe you heard about "Wreck this journal", right?) in the way that it makes you draw things in the book, and the illustration style is very quirky.
So, since I'm totally not able to ruin books drawing on them (I'd never be able to do any of the activities in Wreck, how could I do that to a book???) I thought that I may get a notebook and "remake" the conditions for the drawings in the different pages... what do you think?
I love sea themes and that book is a huge source of inspiration!
Here's a link to the english version of the book:…

For now, I've still to paint some fashion illustration for the winner of FashionIllustrators's contest and the drawing for my secret Santa... but it's better for me to have many things to do, it keeps me on track :D

That's all I think, thank you for reading and have a nice day! ^^

I'm taking part in SecretSantaExchange again! So if you're a watcher of mine, you can skip this, or visit the group if you're interested in joining... and well, I'll be soon writing an update on what's up and why I'm back sooner than I expected.

So, to my Secret Santa...

Like last year, I won't be very picky on with my request, because I like surprises! :D
So mine are more like suggestions (since thinking up a total surprise for a total stranger would be difficult for any human being ^^)... You can pick up what you feel more comfortable to make, or what inspires you the most c:

So... things that I like include natural and urban landscapes, sea and tropical islands, flowers and sweet food.
I also like portrayal of girls, expecially when the hair and the clothing are detailed and curated.
These are themes that should give you no problem whether you're a digital, traditional artist, or a photographer... and they can work with any kind of art style?

I think you could have a nice idea of my preferences looking at my faves... 
expecially at the illustration and anime-style gallery……

and the photography gallery if you're a photographer…
(but if you're a photographer, the secret code to my heart is: food!)

Well, anything in my faves would be a nice example (except fanarts? I'm really picky with them... so take inspiration from them only if you're really brave :P)

Uh, and if you're into pixels, why not preparing a holiday-winter special icon? Something related to my preferences above, or something seasonal, like me drinking a cup of chocolate? I don't know, I'm just rambling :D

Keep this in mind though: I'd like for my gift not to belong to the category that needs to be censored ^^ So please, no mature things and no things filled with darkness and sorrow... I'd like light, happy things! After all, it's a Christmas
gift! ^^

Have fun with it and thank you in advance! :hug:

Hi there!

It's been long since my last journal (again) and my next one will probably take as long...
I'm writing this because I'm going to leave deviantart for a while, due to "me wanting to go out of university as fast as possible" :D

Yes, I've been told from my professor yesterday, that it's possible for me to graduate in December, but that it depends on me. So, basically, on my speed in researching and writing my thesis (it's not a project anymore, but an historical research on the design and development of nutritional infographics (things like the food pyramid and nutritional labels)).
To move on with the highest speed, I need to avoid all distractions (or at least, the most time-wasting ones)... and here is where deviantArt falls in, since it's probably my greatest procrastination medium: just clearing out my deviantwatch inbox everyday takes me one hour, and then there's the forums, the searchs, looking around galleries, contests and so on. I'm a bit addicted ^^;
And so I decided to leave until my thesis is finished... I'll be probably logging in sometimes to check out eventual notes, but that's it. I really need to graduate as soon as possible...

But I'll be surely back in December, either because I succeeded or because I didn't. :D
So wait for me!
I'll be missing you! ^^

Thanks for reading, and see you soon! (more or less, eheh)
(So... here I am, doing another exchange ^^,
Because I want to draw, and I don't know what, so with this I can at least make someone happy (I hope).
If for some reason you're interested, this is the group: SecretSantaExchange)
But this is my wishlist!

This time, I would really like to receive my gift from a photographer! So this wishlist will mainly be focused on photography subjects (but if there's no photographer available and you're actually a painter they're good subjects for drawings and paintings as well c: ).

I'd really like a photograph that involves water (so maybe something with the sea, a lake, pond or waterfall... or anything else). But if nothing of this is avalable to you, I really like nature macros, still lifes and landscapes as well. And food! I love delicious shots of food <3
To have an idea of my tastes, you can visit my photography favourites folder, it's full of things I love:…
I could or could not decide to watercolour the photograph that I'll receive... so if you want keep that in mind! The more details there are for me to draw, the best! ^^

This is all! Maybe if they tell me there aren't photographers available this round, I'll change this to suit an artist better... But let's see first.

Whoever you are, have fun with this! :D
And thank you in advance!

I'm so happy right now...
I want to share my joy with you! :D

Yesterday it finally ended. The laboratory that was ruining my life, it ended. And I didn't fail at it! (Well, ok, I got my worst mark in all my university history, but I was expecting nothing more than that XD).
The situation had gotten even worse since my last journal, because one of my group members started hating me for no reason (just the fact I told him he should work more), didn't work enough even if he had time, and what's worse lyied about working hard (he always said "It will be finished by tomorrow!" and then I had to wait for a week, slowing down everything), he cared only for his part of the work, not interacting with us two, and not respecting us. Moreover, he started teasing me because my political and social beliefs are different from his, or for things that didn't concern our work. I couldn't stand him anymore.
The final blow has been him refusing the mark and saying he would rather work all summer alone on a new project. Why couldn't he give up and disappear sooner if he had to do that anyway? Bah.
(and I really want to see what comes out of it, since, aside from making vectorial illustration, he's a good-for-nothing in layout, typography, information hierarchy and everything else)

So this semester's work resulted in a very crappy magazine, that I wouldn't dare to put in my Behance (maybe aside from some pages). Now that I think about it, I never linked my behance account here... I'll do it right away.
But I did some illustrations/collages for the fashion articles, and also a hand-lettering, so I'll post them here too :)
(oh, and lots of vectorial cocktail illustrations!)

The best part of having finished is, now I'm totally free to work on my thesis, and to draw again!
I want to draw a lot (and I also want to make some money, since I spent a lot in this semester, with the prints of the magazine and all) so I don't know... I'll probably be open to art trades, requests and commissions, in case someone is interested? I really want to do something that makes me happy ^^

I hope I could convey some of my joy to you! :D

And I could as well share what I learnt from this: always be the one to carefully choose your team, if you can. Don't leave that to others, to fate, and don't be influenced by word of mouth: you're the best at recognising if one person is good or not, especially if you're the one who has to work with them.
And if you couldn't avoid a situation like this, well, ask support from your friends! They helped me a lot while enduring this harsh semester, and I'm really grateful! <3

Well, that's all!
Thanks for reading and see you soon! ^^

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Hi! ^^

It's been a long time since last journal (or any last activity other than logging in and out quickly). I'm really busy with this semester's laboratory, and it's going worse and worse every week, so I have to work a lot to stay afloat... It's really depressing. But there's only 3 weeks left, and then the exam! ^^ I don't even care anymore for the mark, I just want it to end quickly!!! I want summer! (even if I'll probably have 3 weeks of summer workshop after this, but that's not so bad c: )

A good thing is, that before things went for the worst, me and my friend managed to set up our storenvy store! We were really looking forward to make this step, but everytime something happened (most likely school, but also the fact we decided to give away all the first batch of notebooks to our friends for Christmas ^^, and we had to restart again) and we had to postpone the "launch" :D
I know our little notebooks are going to be pretty expensive for anyone outside Europe, because of shipping, but I hope you'll still like to have a look at the shop (if you didn't already, in that case, thanks!):

And I hope you'll like them! Maybe one day we'll put up pictures of the stamps and the making of... It's really fun to make them (when you don't make mistakes ^^)
I already uploaded one of mine weeks ago... And I'm sorry it's like the last thing I uploaded... I'm just too busy to make anything... But I've made some new illustrations and lettering for the laboratory's magazine, so when it's all ended I'll probably let you see!

And... do you remember the strange, collaborative, surrealist contest I joined tons of months ago?
Last week I received a note stating that my team won first prize! ^^ I'm really shocked, because I would not know how to judge such random things :D But I'm happy too, of course, since that also means I'll get a 3 months PM, among the prices. I know it's not so different from the "commoner one"... But some features are nice and I'd really like to just try them!
Ah, here is the contest journal, if you'd like to see the grotesque things that came out from the contest! ^^…

Well, and that's all!
Thank you for reading and have a nice week-end! c:


Bologna Children's Book Fair

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 4:15 PM
I'm taking advantage of Free Premium Membership Day, to finally make that journal on the book fair I wrote about last time! ^^

The day went pretty good, though we didn't manage to take the train to come back for a few seconds, so we had to wait for another hour (there are more trains than that, but those are more expensive... we had the tickets just for the cheap ones)

The exposition space was even more than last time, so we didn't have the time to visit everything... what a pity... maybe next time we should stay there two days?

Anyway... here is a selection of great things I saw there! They're not much, because I didn't take many photos, and a lot of them were horrible and blurry :( (not sating these are much better...but just a bit). And the images are small since I'm afraid that they could be used without the artist's permission if they were at full size. I hope you can appreciate them even like that, and you can find the authors on the internet!

satoe_tone - Copia

This was the winner of the international illustration contest... I literally fell in love with her illustrations...


Some other illustrations from the various illustration exhibition...


A huge Alice on a wall...


And this is my booty! ^^ I came home with all those catalogues (so heavy!) but I still have to take a good look at them, since I'm so busy with university...

See that "china children press" one? That got me an awkward conversation in english with a chinese guy who believed I was a publisher... ? 
And what about the illustrator's businnes cards? You have to know that there's a specific wall at the fair, where all aspiring illustrators hoping for employers and work can attach their business cards, or postcards. It's a really huge and messy wall... and I guess it's really difficult to get noticed... expecially when mere students like me go and pick their cards so they can find them later on the internet ^^. I'm sorry...

Anyway, that's all! I hope you enjoyed it! ^^
If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :D

Thank you for reading!

P.S. I was selected this week for the challenge held from the group TypeBattle... a challenge about lettering... And I'll need your support there, so you can leave a comment on my entry (I still have to start doing it! I'm so late) or go and vote for it... anything would help! ^^

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