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Hi there, long time no see! :)

This will be part life update/part advertising, so you've been warned!

It's been 7 months since I last uploaded some art here, and also the other kind of activities have been very few. It's been a combination of work, my pc not working, and studying to "win" the contract at the university.
But now I've fixed my computer, I've won the job (yeah!) and I'm free until they make me sign the contract (and well, even when I sign, there will be less stress).
So... I hope this time I'm back for good!

But I'm still being very lazy, so I thought I could need some help in motivation :)

And my solution is this.
The group :iconcontest-office: is hosting a "Partecipate in Contest Contest", where you can win as long as you join many contests around Deviantart! And I thought that joining could be a nice idea to have that kickstart to draw again. Here is the contest journal: P.I.C.- Contest the 15th! (500 points prize)

Please cheer for me, because it's very difficult to make the voice that is telling me "you're too old for this kind of things" shut up. I do feel pretty old joining contests of people who are like, 10 years younger than me (and who maybe draw a lot better), but doing it just for the sake of practice is a fine thing, right? right???

What I wanted to say is, if you see a bunch of character art coming up from me, you know where it's coming from, so just ignore it if you don't care. I'll be back with the usual paintings soon!
If you care... nothing stops you from joining the contests too! :D

I'll put here some interesting contests I'm hoping to join this month (to be updated):

Hello! This is the official HWC contest! c: Heal With Colors is a charity art book project supporting Heal The World foundation. Basically, somebody gathers artists together and they all make a drawing following a theme and guidelines. They put all the drawings together to make a book, then the book is sold to make funds. All the funds that were collected from selling the book will be donated to the charity that is targeted.
Theme: Music!
:bulletpink:I suggest including music notes, instruments, and anything music related into the drawing!
:bulletpink: 2550 x 3300 AT 300 DPI (8.5"x11")
:bulletpink:At least ONE character should be incorporated into your drawing! (EDIT: Sorry for not making this clear, any character! Your OC, a TV show character, or a made up character on the spot)
Drawing Contest : Red Riding Hood (CLOSED)

This contest is for drawing (both traditional and digital) and 3D art.
For photomanipulation, please go to Red Riding Hood Manip Contest
Hello everybody! :wave:
 I'm hosting Red Riding Hood contest at the moment. It is for photomanipulation.
And I think it would be cool if I can give chance to drawing artists too though I gotta spend more :points:
So, I decide to host another Red Riding Hood Contest for drawing artists in this journal.

Welcome to

Oc Contest - $150+ in prizes! JUDGING BUT... EDIT: New *Hey everyone! The contest is ended, BUT I will be needing some time to choose the winners because I didn't expect these many beautiful entries ;u;
For those who haven't finished, you have till the 11th of May before I will not even consider it for the contest ;u; those who are late (before 11th) will be accepted but may have a lower chance of winning, depending on circumstance
Winners will be announced on the 15th!
and a vote for audience favourite (that didn't win) will get $10 as a runner up will be done the night of announced winners!
 Hi everyone. some people have come to me wanting some extra time.... And the contest will most likely be ending on the night of May 8th!
The reason for this is that I will not be home tomorrow as I am cheering for my friends' dance group ;u;
so sorry to those who did actually finish on time as well ;o;
There are the results !
Before I give you the winners' names, I want to tell thanks to all participants: it was difficult to choose with so many good entries! I also want to tell you that art quality was not the sole criterion, very like I said it in the rules.
A last thing, every entry was graded under 15 points by each judge, so the rating is about 45 points.
So, there are the winners !
1ST - :iconminhquach94: with 45/45 - perfect rating. What else ?
2ND - :iconohchiri: with 42/45 - a nice work to create a character that fit with the universe!
3RD - :icontremblax: with 42/45 - a mastered beautiful and bucolic scenery!
Congrats to them! Please, contact me by note for you prices :)
Now the other entries of the top 10! The gap with the winners is tiny, you can believe me!
4TH - :icony-gabyt: with 40/45
5TH - :iconkai-ji: with 39/45
6TH - :ico
  Design a Character Contest! (EXTENDED DEADLINE)EDIT// I'm giving everyone a few days to get their entries in! I know a few people are mid-way through entries, so i won't judge until everyone is done!
Thanks for understanding! Gosh i can't wait to start judging this contest, its going to be really tough!

So my last contest was pretty successful i think! I had quite a few entries and you guys did awesome! Considering the prizes were pretty small (compared to some other contests) i was surprised to see everyone joining in. (Also I've met some really nice people and great artists through it!) 
Basically what i'm trying to say is, i'm holding another competition!
This time the prizes are going to be bigger and better and the deadline is going to be much longer!
Here's the deal:
I'm currently working on a manga set in an 80's future. In space. 
If it sounds ridiculous that's because it is, i want to pack it with as many 80's movie cliches as possible and make it super exaggerated! My problem is that although i lo
  OC Contest! 1st=2000pts + Art! Any media allowed!Edit 5/2: Deadline: 1st Day of June (First and final extension)
Do your best! The 1st place prize pool is the biggest for a reason!
Edit: 4/13-5/2: Added 4 new judges to the contest. (5 including me)
we'll be voting at June 2nd and Winners will be announced on June 3rd.
Will be adding 4th and 5th place soon!
Plus adding more references
Looking for donors! Please note me on this one!
I've been reluctant on whether or not host a contest but here we are now! The majority of people who answered the poll said yes! Plus 300+ watchers~ thank you! I really planned all this one out!
Make a journal about the contest! Or tag a few people out! It's not a requirement, I don't want to force you to do it,Draw or make a story or anything on one or more of my OCs! As long as it is is creative, we're good to go.Please mention me on the media you created, plus put a link on the entry with this journal entry, I won't back down on this one, because I may mis
  [CLOSED] draw my ocs!! [1month core for top 3]
ends on april 30th [11:59pm PST]
[this journal will be edited and updated constantly]
synopsis: you draw my complicated charas and you might win a prize. joining requires you post your promotion journal in the comments. more info below.
prizes, because thats really all you're here for
i had a poll for this and majority of you have the competitiveness of a noodle of spaghetti :')
i might up the prizes a bit, but no promises.
first place
1 month dA core membership (or 400 points)a halfbody w/no restrictions regarding complicated charas and whatever by che-rrry 

an experimental pixel thing [no specified size or anything, probably just a headshot tho] by che-rrry a headshot from @heebhighlightera headshot from Jayda-Nyan 

second place
1 month dA core membership (or 400 points)a double headshot w/the same lack of requirements by che-rrry 

and you'll also find a dedicated gallery in my favourites!

See you soon!

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SpiderShii Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you so much for advertising! you are now entered in the raffle! :Ticket: 
lu--24 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay! And no problem for the advertising, really ^^
Mr-Ripley Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the mention =D
lu--24 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! I really hope I'll manage to join the contest! :)
Mr-Ripley Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Aww.. welcome to my contest ^^
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